Monday, July 2, 2007


I got this info from my boy site Ace boon.

Filmmakers and amateur photographers going beyond snapshots may
soon need permission to take pictures around the city.

The city is considering a new rule that would force groups to obtain a
permit and take out insurance before being allowed to film or shoot
still photos on city property.

The rule, which was proposed by the Mayor’s Office of Film, Television
and Broadcasting, would apply to any city property, including sidewalks.
It would also apply to any group using a camera for more than half an
hour or using a camera on a tripod for more than ten minutes.

It does not apply to handheld devices, and the city says it doesn’t expect
the new rules to affect tourists and regular photographers, even if they’re
using tripods.

But the New York Civil Liberties Union says the rules would lead to
discrimination and selective enforcement by police.

If the mayor’s office decides to implement the rule it would take effect in

I'm posting this up on my site cause this is the second time i ran into some shit.. The first time the Fed's called me about this photos I took.

nothing major happen but they took my info down etc.. It just bugs me cause the the city is a beautiful place to take photos/video shots of.. How could you not? Theirs just so many awesome sites.
Anyway - I was shooting off the 7 line, right by long island city. Getting some footy of the city skyline cause the day was nice. I hop on to the other side of the track to head back into the city.After a few stops, I get pulled off by some cops.. They start questioning what i was doing etc - I showed them my tape/footy of what i shot.. They took my info down and told be to avoid shooting on trains etc.
This really bums me out - I know their trying to protect us - but how far are they willing to go? I'm just freak out cause @ some point in the future we won't be able to do anything - just straight up loose all of our freedom.

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