Monday, April 30, 2007

Single speed

Here is a New York Times Article on an old but new trend to the masses..


you live in the hearts of many, and you will for ever.. R.I.P

Friday, April 27, 2007


Remember when!

PT3 - Puma Table Tennis Tournament

PT3 (Puma Table Tennis Tournament) is back at it again after a successful first campaign in 2006. The basis of this tournament is to bring together members of the community to participate in a friendly tournament of table tennis a.k.a. ping-pong. This year the tournament will be held in conjunction with French 77; Puma’s new upcoming lifestyle lined inspired by 70’s playboy tennis player Guillermo Villas. PT3 will also feature exclusively designed paddle cases and ball cases created by long time ping pong fanatic Johan Liden from the New York-based aruliden design agency.

Saturday, April 28th @ 12pm
NYTTF 384 Broadway Street (Lower Level)

Check the tournament participants, paddles, and ball holders after the jump.

I just mite have to check this out!

Harley Davidson and Emerica Present

Emerica and Harley Davidson’s relationship keeps building and to celebrate the release of Harley Davidson's new motorcycle, The Nightster, Emerica is proud to be sponsoring a series of launch parties across the U.S.A. The first party is next Thursday, May 3, 2007, at our Emerica showroom in NYC.
Photographs from Ed Templeton’s “Camp, Ride, Skate, Repeat” exhibit will be displayed, as well as info about Ed’s new Emerica book about the 2006 Wild Ride due out next month entitled “Nobody Living Can Ever make Me Turn Back.”

Harley Davidson and Emerica Present
Nightster Launch Party
Thursday, May 3, 2007
7 P.M. - 11 P.M.

Emerica Showroom
29 Greene St. (between Grand and Canal)
New York, NY 10013


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Just another day in the neighborhood

I had lunch the other day with my hoomie Adrian Lopez and his wife.. If you don't know Adrian-- he helped me produced La Luz, and he also produced the ABC skate video.. Which was once a skate shop on Avenue A --- he was the original cat who help kick off the TF also know as Tompkins square park.. which has become a local meeting spot for skaters in NYC.. Es footwear also host their game of skate in this park as well.. There you have, your little history for the day.. We love Autumn but if any one deserve some credit it's him>> @ lest to a curtain extend..

Here is just a straight up weirdo @ ray's pizza.

My girl Claw Money holding it down on the lower, like she always has!..

Today was one of the first really nice days in NYC since I've been here, and I know these cats are looking @ some girls ass.. It's just what happens here in the city ---Sorry ladies.

CINIK, has been doing his thing for sometime here is the city, it's was great to see an old school hoomie,, straight up he's a real city cat. There are only a few left, which is why \ we all stick together!

Little Mary from Rocawear,, she designs their head wear.. You go girl!.. we used to work together @ Alife Rivington Club for a short while..

I just had to do it!

Augie from Acapulco Gold, I've known this cat for many yr's.. like I mentioned before their are only a few original cat's from the city which is why we all stick together. Augie worked on all the supreme cut N sew for many yr's.. These days he's the head nigga in charge of his own line called Acapulco gold.. keep your eye out for this shizzle, cause it's fucking hot.. THE END!

99 Cents Only or What Middle Class?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Downtowns newest skate park..

This park in located way down on first Ave which is also know as Pike st, only when your down that far. It's right under the Manhattan bridge down by the east river.. I grew up two bloc's from this park - I so wish this was their when i was doing my thing.. O well I guess me and the rest of the city paved the the way for our younger generation.. Back in the day this park was just empty , with broken bottles bums etc.. just nothing and now take a look @ it..

New York New York

My boy, Buddy Nichols stopped by the show room the other day.. What's so funny is that, I ran into him before I left LA -- and here I am running into him again.. Buddy is currently working on a New York skate film.. He is also building out his office /studio / art gallery right on Fairfax just a few doors up from the diamonds store..

Sam and I talking about RecShop. Will they ever come back?

OG legend Harry Jumonji

Harry took the time out to sign by board thanks Harry


Please join us on May 18th for the premiere of etnies full-length BMX epic, “GROUNDED,” here in our own backyard. The premiere is free, open to the public and all ages are welcome. Please bring your ID if you plan to party! RSVP via email at See you there!
FYI- If I'm not mistaken, I believe Mike Manzoori had a lot to do with this video so this is going to be epic!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tough guy shot!

I officially took my tough guy shot.. Ok u ask what's a tough guy shot? well here it is..
u need to have salt sprinkled on your hand a piece of lime and a shot glass filled with your drink of choice..
once u have all that - your ready.
1. take you shot
2. snort the salt
3 squeeze the lime juice in your eye.
and their u have your tough guy shot. It's a soletech tradition..

FYI -- It fucking burns


Girl Parts Ways with Jereme Rogers

You might have heard of this news elsewhere, but sources confirm that Jereme Rogers is no longer a member of the Girl camp.

From the management, “This week we made the decision to relieve Jereme Rogers of his duties at Girl Skateboards. We had a good run. Like one of those killer contest runs of his. Thanks for the good years. Best of luck.”

Some OG's from NYC

If you didn't know, now u know!

NYC #2

My boy Moya handling his business out front of supreme.. Moya you look like a natural.

Beebee showing the camera some love,@ clientele.. Stop by Clientele if your ever in the city they have a good selection of kicks.

I stopped by Tony Arcabascio office and just played catch up, tony by far has some great fucking stories. I also ran into Scott from Arkitip, who just arrived from LA and was also @ Tonys office.. we all had some beers and enjoyed some laughs..

Tony has a new book out called NOW YOU KNOW.. It's a good read, go cop a copy..