Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Kenny Hoyle and Sammy Baca are pleased to welcome Theotis Beasley to Altamont’s growing list of contributors. Anyone coming up today in LA’s South Central schoolyards is familiar with young Theo’s smooth flow on his board and infectious PMA. For everybody else, take notice, ‘cuz Theotis is on the scene to stay. Altamont contributors are handpicked by Andrew Reynolds based on their undeniable skills and an abiding faith in the fact that diversity weaves a richer tapestry—different perspectives bringing different sets of ideas. Now jus’ sit back, relax and bear witness as Theotis’ unique contributions are weaved into the diverse fabric of skateboarding and Altamont.

Here is something extra to check out - some actual footage from the Altamont concert.

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