Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Nike Basketball tournament

Last night I decide to hit Nike's basketball tournament they've been having over the last few weeks.. The teams are - team La Brea, team Fairfax, Blends, Greyone, Pasadena.. There are a few more but I can't remember them all. Anyway this all takes place @ Nike newest shop/ID store in LA.. Who can complain the employees @ the shop have their very own private basketball court in the back.Actually maybe team Fairfax cause they haven't won a game yet.. Come on guys lets @ lest get one win>> Fuck it I'm playing next week. Sal you better put me on the list for next weeks game!

A little MC never hurt anyone..

I think this is the only time Sal got to touch the ball.. well maybe i think he got one shot in.. look how happy he is..

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