Wednesday, April 18, 2007


So I landed in NYC on a raining day. That's one thing I don't miss about NYC is the crazy weather.. Or am I just used to the sunny days in los angles?

So I took the train into the city, and stop off on my very own bloc to transfer trains. Hehe

Here is a look out my project window

Here are my stomping grounds.. LaGuardia housing projects A.K.A LES (lower east side) A.K.A "The Hill", as they would say in my hood>>
Just a little fact.. On my bloc alone there are 4 buildings 16 stories high with 124 units in each building coming to a total of 496 derels all on one bloc you gotta love it. All in all it's what I call HOME!

Here is my high school and the list of derels that ran threw this school is crazy.. Off the back Harold Hunter(R.I.P), Rickey Powell, and every big time weed dealer I know went here_ O yea I'm one of those derels!.. LOL it's the truth..> I'm sure their are many more.. For now this is enough. Located on Essex and grand St.

I checked out supreme for a little bit, here's my man Charles lamb holding it down these days in NYC

Fat Boy and Kid America handling business super early Monday morning.. They must be on the grind.Seriously watch out >These cats have been doing their thing for quite sometime now, and they both have some good shit cooking!

I stopped by the Etnies show room to see Alex but I also and into ran into Ria, Grace and Julie whom all work for soletech.. We all just ended up getting some lunch later on in the day.,

I also stopped my second home Fight Club, where grandpajoeburst is always rocking this face,

FCNY hall of shame

Jeff we all know u didn't do it!

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